OMG Tottaly amazing vintage score

Went on another downtown exploration been doing a lot more lately since we are moving and showing the house so my ass has to be out, not that i’m not fine with it gives me an excuse to get out and about. I went downtown yesterday and took a ton of photos, did a lot of walking and stopped into Lucky Dog Thrift Shop and picked up a few things including a beautiful Celtic stag pendant for $3. Did a lot of walking and when I got home was supper excited to check out my pics sadly my SD card had been removed so no pics. So I went back out today to retake cant of course retake all as things change but since I do a lot of architecture photography I was able to retake those and hit up Lucky Dog again and snagged some more cool cigar boxes from Castro’s Back Room.  So walked around today meeting some super cool nice people on my way and finally actually taking pics. I was walking back home and decided to cut through the Cemetery and take gravestone photos while leaving i spotted a yard sale across the road I had seen a few but of course I had just put all my cash in the bank that morning so didn’t have a lot other than coinage on me.  But for some reason it peaked my interest and I decided to head over OMG am I glad I did the husband and wife were both great people and I had a great conversation with Lee (the husband) and scored one of the best vintage finds I have had. A beautiful White Rotary folding sewing machine for only $25 including original booklets and other supplies (since i didn’t have cash PayPal saved my but as did my mom coming down with the car). Lee told me how his mom or grandmother (can’t remember) hand painted and decoupaged it and how when he was a child she would put a blanket over the end and let him use it as a tent/fort. I also learned his father worked for Kodak and how he was in charge of teaching people how to properly use and develop the brand new color film after many complaints due to people using it improperly he also showed me a super cool item (if i wasn’t moving had a truck and the money would have snagged it to) a Pako model b printer a table-based photographic contact printer manufactured by the Pako Corporation in Minnesota. They were designed for making contact prints from large negatives, it was supper cool and in great condition. According to Lee they found out his model was the second oldest produced (this was a while back so he has no idea if an older one was found but still awesome) although I couldn’t take that home I’m am so excited to own the beautiful sewing machine table, t’s going to replace the side table I have after a make over including cleaning and repaint (it will be bittersweet to paint over the work his grandmother or mother did but it wouldn’t work for me to keep it as it is (sweet girly shabby chic) but I took pictures to immortalize the supper cute vintage style work she did and who knows i might be able to carefully remove the paper illustrations. You can view the images at

Birch. Things for the Home, Heart & Soul

My mom and me checked out this little Antique/Home Decor shop on Amherst St, here in Nashua yesterday found a really cool salvaged door knob. It was a cute shop and I will definitely stop back in in the future. You can check out their Facebook page at Sadly don’t have a lot of pics because it was a quick outing for new shelves since my old ones kept fell one me (literally), and my Phone was being stupid.

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A Year in Review

Today my mom and me started packing up the Holiday decorations and its sad to see them go yet a reminder of a new year and new beginnings. Though 2014 held many hardships I have learned from them and hope to move on and hope for better times.

I’m not huge on resolutions, but I support the idea of looking back at the previous year and remembering everything that went on. I didn’t have the greatest year by far but I’m still here standing strong and ready to both look back and move forward.

My year started out with a sinus infection which would later turned into the realization I would need surgery. I was disappointed that my attempts to obtain my drivers license was halted due to my Aspergers and an undiagnosed anxiety disorder. I got put on a medication for my anxiety and got a doctor who really helped me out. I realized how much I was missing and that I could come out of my shell and felt what it was like not live with constant anxiety. I watched a dear friend slip into depression and stood by her side as she got through it. I learned the true meaning of friendship. I took a shot at cooking and really enjoyed it. I got two new jobs. Things didn’t pan out like I expected. I enjoyed trying new things. My cats made life entertaining as usual. I did more freelance Graphic Design work including a logo for the new antique shop that opened up. Made myself business cards. I went to Anime Boston and enjoyed being independent for the first time. I had a coat and my wallet stolen. Seeing My CT scan was cool. I got a new desk. Went exploring with my mémère. I signed up for loot Crate. Ants invaded our house. My photography and art kept me sane. I discovered how much I love frames and creating with them. My dad and me had surgery within a week of each other. I went to the ER and spent the night in the hospital because I couldn’t tolerate one of the pain medications. Spent my birthday in Boston and at the beach. Had some great finds this year at the beach, while antiquing and just while walking the street. Had fun with my family at A Vintage Bazaar. They did a control burn of the house up the street. My dad fell of the roof and broke his knee cap. Tried kale chips and realized they are disgusting. Had fun decorating for Halloween. Explored downtown Nashua during the art walk. Quit a Job for a new one that didn’t pan out as planed. Started looking for a new job. Did paintings for my cousin and was happy to hear how much she loved them. Had fun at Christmas fairs and spent some bittersweet time with my mémère. Realized how hard it is to watch her and my pépère begin to forget and realize I need to cherish every moment even more. Saw the kindness of others. Still hate snow even though I am fascinated buy its complexity and beauty.Made handmade gifts for my family because I have no money and realized it truly is something from the heart that makes the best gifts. Got a new tablet. Watch my cousin open her gifts for the first time and enjoyed time with family.

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Celebrating Mom

Today is a day to celebrate the mother in our lives whether they be our real mothers, grandmothers, or those who are a mother figure to us. Though we probably argue and annoy each other our mothers have touch our lives and inspire us. They make us who we are and today we celebrate them for putting up with us.

As usual every year I make my mom a gift and as her birthday is around the same time, I also worked on that to. I’ve been obsessed with learning cross stich and last year I made her a cross stich, so I thought I would continue the theme but with something more challenging. I truly underestimated how challenging this cross stitch would be (mainly because the directions were shit) but I managed to finish just in time. My mothers birthday gift was a lot easier to make thanks to these to brilliant tutorials for a bird nest necklace. Check out Agape Love Designs and Shabby Soul for the tutorials. I did everything almost exactly like shabby Souls version though I loved Maria at Agape Love Design’s idea of adding a wing and using the colors to represent family members. I my case they are my moms, my brothers and my birthstone colors.

I made my Memere a wall Plaque, I was late finishing it so she will unfortunately be getting it late.

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